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"You do not need to drink expensive wines" - Alejandro Vigil

If you - yet - don't know him (I first met him in Mistral Encounter, the major brazilian importer bianual event with producers) enologist Alejandro Vigil is closely linked to argentinian wine, and is one of the responsibles for its recent worldwide projection, specially for its own El Enemigo wines (amazing ones), but also for being an independent and original voice.

For this easy going and friendly guy, there is a lot of work to be done, and I agree, based on his realistic and humble vision that only people who grew up on the vineyard can have.

Another interview, this time for an argentinian wine site (in spanish) that I liked a lot, pointing:

Bonarda - "What is going on is that I hear voices talking a lot but doing few".

Bonarda is the second most planted variety, that formerly was the dominating one in Argentina. It has to be very well conducted otherwise will end up in a poor wine. It had never been worked seriously and now Alejandro and other guys as Sebastian Zuccardi and Hector Durigutti are dealing with it, some good results already available.

Here in this blog you can find lots of reviews on some bonarda wines (sorry, all of them in portuguese).

Wines - " one is going to tell you what you are going to like, you must find out. (...) Not necessarily you have to drink expensive wines, only the ones that make you feel good..."

In my opinion that is what we really need, people who work and not only do marketing!

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